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Google Launches Core Algorithm Update for August 2023

Google has unveiled its core update for August 2023.

The tech giant has mentioned that once the deployment of this update is finished, its ranking release history page will be refreshed with more information about the update.

To deliver the most accurate and dependable results, Google frequently introduces core updates.

It’s important to note that these core updates are not carried out to target specific web pages or websites. However, they can lead to an increase in visibility for pages that were formerly lower in rankings, while some top-performing pages might experience a decrease.

Understanding the Effects of Core Updates

The impact of a core update on a site’s search performance can be positive, negative, or nothing at all.

Importantly, Google points out that a dip in performance post a core update doesn’t inherently suggest a problem with the site in question.

Such declines might stem from the core update’s recalibrations rather than any inherent flaws in content or site architecture.

For those noticing decreased rankings, Google advocates a focus on enhancing overall website quality instead of hunting for technical solutions.

Guidance on Bouncing Back

For better search results after a core update, Google offers these suggestions:

– Scrutinize pages that are underperforming.

– Identify search queries that bring users to these pages.

– Align your content with the queries Google lists on its support page.

By doing so, it becomes evident where your content might be lacking in addressing user queries. Use this insight to refine your content according to the searcher’s needs.

However, Google warns that even with improvements, there’s no assurance of regaining lost ground, as no webpage holds a permanent or promised spot in Google’s search listings.

Duration of Recovery

Post a core update, if amendments are made appropriately, pages generally take a few months to regain lost positions.

Yet, Google’s algorithms are ever-evolving. Intermittent minor updates between major core updates might benefit pages that have implemented changes.

The Road Ahead

As the ramifications of Google’s core algorithm update from August 2023 take shape, it’s vital for businesses and SEO experts to remain patient, accentuate on elevating website quality, and steer clear of instant remedies.

At Jack Pine Media, we continuously tweak our strategies for your website to further align with Google’s guidelines. We will soon be releasing an updated strategy for you based on the impact of this update, the current organic performance of your website, and the overall SEO goals previously set.