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Local Search Engine Optimization is a Must for Online Businesses

  • Post published:January 27, 2022
  • Post category:Blog / SEO

Running an online store? Expanding your brick and mortar business into the realm of eCommerce? Whatever you’re looking to do to take your business to the next level, local search engine optimization is a must in order for your business to reach more customers and generate more sales. Here are several ways businesses can use SEO services to benefit their online stores. 

Optimize Your Online Store and Business Website

Businesses can attract more customers by optimizing their websites and online stores. This involves steps like:

    •  Inputting the proper keywords that potential customers will search for, which will also be recognized by Google’s algorithm.


    •  Using location-specific terms and keywords so that customers in the area will have an easier time finding your business.  


    • Ensuring web pages are easy to navigate and fast so that customers will have a more convenient shopping expereince.


Keep Your Site Well-Maintained

Optimizing websites isn’t just a one and done deal, it is a continuous process. 

A well-maintained and properly functioning online store will be able to accomodate more visitors and handle more transactions, which will reflect favorably on its SEO ranking. On the other hand, a glitchy or buggy site that goes down will have less visitors and sales, and this will not just turn people off but also send its SEO rating plummeting.  

Comprehensive website maintenance services will ensure that the store stays functioning and can handle large volumes of transactions. 

Businesses must also update their websites and online stores to ensure that the products and services being displayed are up to date, and that the site is easy to navigate and utilize. This will keep customers coming.

Taking Advantage of Multiple Platforms

Businesses can draw more traffic to their online stores by posting updates on their company websites, their social media pages and on the listing services they use such as Google My Business. This way, whether potential customers are scrolling through Facebook, searching on Google, or even checking their emails, they will be informed of any new products, promotions, sales or events.

Google also tends to reward parties that use its services such as Google My Business. With these listings, businesses can input their information in a more centralized way, consolidating Google Maps, Search and more. Their algorithm can have an easier time indexing the information, which will result in improved local search engine optimization rankings. 

More Content Increases Website Visibility

To succeed, eCommerce needs to build brand recognition. The more audiences that recognize the brand and click its content, the higher its SEO rating will be. So business websites should have regularly updated blogs that will link to the products or services being offered by their online stores. The content can also be rich in relevant keywords that the search engine algorithms will index. 

The content should then be shared across multiple platforms, from social media to newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Google’s algorithm will notice growing organic viewership and assign higher ranks for websites receiving more views and clicks. 

Take your online business to the next level! 

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