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5 Tips for eCommerce Content Marketing

  • Post published:November 16, 2022
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Having a properly laid out strategy for content helps build relationships between eCommerce companies and their audiences. The ultimate goal is to win customers. If brands focus on addressing the target market’s goals, this enables buyers to complete the purchase.

Let’s start with what content marketing is for eCommerce.

eCommerce Content Marketing is about supporting customers by maximizing the buyer’s purchase journey through every online sale through the content you put out, such as high-quality product images, instructional videos, online forums, SEO blog posts, etc.

Why is this important? Consumers have so many choices to choose from that brand loyalty is very hard to create and maintain. By putting out valuable content that educates and entertains, you form a connection with your consumers, leaving them looking forward to the next piece of content you release.

Here are tips to succeed in the world of eCommerce Content Marketing.

1. Make visually appealing content

Buyers want to see what they’re buying, how the items are to be used, how it looks when worn, before and after photos, etc. They want as much detail as possible so that when they receive the items, they know 100% what they’re getting. This is why it is important that your product images and videos are of the highest quality. One thing that gets overlooked is the titles and descriptions of these photos and videos, including their file names and metadata.

2. Find out what type of content works.

To grow your audience or engage customers, your marketing strategies need to be content-specific to make them work. Here are a few examples:

 • Tutorial videos are great for users who want to learn how to use your product. This works for educating potential customers or retaining existing customers – like how to use a product for makeup companies.

 • Review or Comparison is great for consumers since we want to know that what we are planning to buy is the best in the market – like which brand of pick-up truck is the best in the market.

 • User-Generated Content (UGC) works to show customers that your product actually works. It acts like a word-of-mouth marketing strategy as well as social proof that what you about your product is believable since your users say the same – like before and after photos for aesthetic clinics.

3. Find out which platform works for you.

Find out which platform you are most comfortable posting content on and on which platform your audience best responds to your content. Channels such as blogs, YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

4. Partner with Influencers and Experts

Personalities play a big role in getting people to buy a product. Collaborating with influencers enhances your credibility and helps you connect with your target audience to make you stand out.

5. Everything revolves around SEO

Yes, visual content works. But so does text-based content. Creating blog posts and optimizing your website is essential to your marketing strategy. It is important to keep your product or brand at the top of every search as this drives maximum traffic which translates to increased sales.

Creating content is tricky. Finding the right balance between visuals and text in your content makes it trickier. The key to staying on top of the game is by keeping up with marketing strategies and staying consistent with putting out great content.

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